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Kiwanis Family Bulletin of the

September 19, 2007  •  Vol. 15 - No. 36

Editors/Publishers: Peggy Hardy, Carol Lagarde and Gerry LeBlanc

Elaine St. Julien - President
Jean Potier - President-Elect
Annie Durand - Secretary
Peggy Hardy - Treasurer
Gerry LeBlanc - Immediate Past President
Directors: Larry Roy, Christine Berard, Judy Bonhomme, Anika Porter, Tommy Romero and Dan Berard


• Builders Club Meeting:  2nd Friday of the month @ Trinity Gym @ 1:00 p.m.
• Key Club Meeting:  Every Thursday in the library @ 11:20 a.m.

Cindy Johnstone (James) 9/3; Audrey Allen 9/16; her husband, Wallace 9/18; Janis Robb (Jim) 9/20;  Jon Bostick (Jennifer) 9/24;  Margaret Richard 9/25

Let me know if I am missing anyone’s special day.

9/26 – Regular Meeting
9/29 – Division Council Meeting in Gray, LA
10-3 – Installation Banquet @ Clambeaugh’s 
(Note: No Morning Meeting)
10-6 – Highway Clean Up

THOUGHT/QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.  - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Second Object of Kiwanis:  To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships.

Kiwanis Education #50:  Kiwanis International’s official publication has appeared continuously since 1917. It was first called “The Kiwanis Club.” Two other titles, “The Hornet” and “The Torch,” were tried in 1918-20, but quickly abandoned for the simple descriptive title “The Kiwanis Magazine.” In 1976, this was further abbreviated to simply “KIWANIS.” The magazine is received by every Kiwanis member in the United States and Canada (except those in French-speaking clubs in Canada), and by each Kiwanis club throughout the rest of the world.

This Week:
  For our meeting this week we motored down Hwy 31, to the new Public Safety Complex. Guests were, Alyson Baird, Lt. Governor-Designate of Division 17, and Stacy Eddy, speaker for the meeting.   No lottery going on today.
     Jean is asking members to volunteer for committees and projects for the coming year, so if you are not able to attend the meetings but want to put your name on the committee list, please contact Jean at or call her (if you can catch her home) at 394-9734.
     Advance orders for Pepper Festival shirts are available.   Please contact Mary or Gerry if you would like to order tee shirts, etc.
     Jim will be putting up the Kiwanis signs at the entrances to town.  The City has given permission for us to do this. 
Remember to purchase your banquet tickets and be thinking about a themed gift basket that you and a buddy could make up for the silent auction.  Let us know what you’re thinking of doing, so we can share it in the bulletin.  Rumor is that Carol Lagarde is making up a book themed basket (mystery novels, mugs, tea bags, dark chocolate, warm wrap) – now, are we surprised?????   We’re doing things a bit different this year, taking the theme from the District Convention.  Make sure you plan on participating.  It will be a fun-filled evening!!!!!

  Dennis LeBlanc introduced his guest speaker, Stacey Eddy, Emergency Management Operational Services Supervisor, who talked to us and gave a tour of the  new Public Safety Complex located between Parks and Breaux Bridge on Highway 31. This Complex is jointly sponsored by the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office, St. Martin Parish Government and the 911 Commission.  In the near future, there will be an open house and the general public will be  able to visit this very important (and necessary for our safety) facility. 

Thanks to Alyson Baird for making the long trek from Gray, Louisiana to be with us this week.  Alyson is our designated Lt. Governor for 2007-08 and will bring a refreshingly youthful, yet vastly experienced presence to our Division.  She is organizing her first Division Council Meeting for September 29 at her apartment.  It will be a very informative and productive meeting which will benefit all of us as Kiwanians.  If you would like to make the trip with us, please contact one of your officers for more information and carpooling particulars.

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